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Joel Alden Kingston
American artist J.A.Kingston has appealed to THE SECRETS OF PERFECTION, and let us become acquainted with him willingly.
There is no doubt J.A.Kingston is one among most interesting and serious contemporary American artists. In his painting realistic, surrealistic, metaphysical, esoteric traditions embodied.  Kingston's painting is impregnated with alienation which had wide prevalence in Western art of 20th century. His visions created as though in sleepless nights by a man who in this non comfortable world feels himself over tired, ill, down hearted, alone, superfluous, frightened. He looks at the twilight's world through black glasses as though running out of perfunctory sight of reality trying to penetrate into essence of being, like ancient Greece's philosopher Democritus who pricked out his own eyes.
Let us go to another subject. If you read my (JM) articles (look at, you know that a lot of proportional grids can be constructed and every from them can help for creation of different mood in painting. An artist have not any presentiment that he works according with some grid which is given him by nature and is hidden deeply in his mind. But some artists do not content themselves with these inborn proportional grids and search the ways to ideal. This way is painful and long.
We can greet our guest J.A.Kingston on the successfull using of the simple and effective proportional grid
similar variant of which was used in 17th century by Jusepe de Ribera and even by ancient Greece's artists. J.A.Kingston's divisions are bold and far from traditional -- see below the Dawn where heigh of picture is divided by the line of horizon into two equil parts.
We can also perceive relation between this grid and possibility of linear perspective what is a merit of one.
At fast first sight J.A.Kingston's earlier paintings are more strong and interesting, than the too esoteric latest ( Therefore we can wish to Joel to get a new joy and renovation and to create still beautiful pictures.
Jurate Macnoriute

30 Years. Acrylic on panel.
Dawn. Acrylic on panel.
Gravity. Acrylic on panel.
Ariel is Waiting. Acrylic on panel.


Copyright 2001, Joel Alden Kingston
Copyright 2000-2001, The Secrets of Perfection

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