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Robert Genn
Self Portrait with Emily Carr. Acrylic (24 x 30)
The first guest-artist of THE SECRETS OF PERFECTION accidentally was Canadian Jim Rowe.
The first guest-artist-writer again is Canadian -- Robert Genn.
In my opinion the first secret of perfection is work, work and once again work.
That is why I want to suggest  for your attention Robert's letter to Artist about discipline. His pedagogic ambitions are tremendous and I hope will be interesting for you.
                  Dear Artist,
                   During the last few days Iíve been thinking a lot about discipline. Woody
                   Allan noted that one of the important virtues in his profession is the ability to
                   show up. When you look around and see just who all the successful artists
                   are, you find a high percentage that are simply on the job. Discipline means
                   putting your art-work ahead of other concerns. It means having the
                   structure to get down to work, perhaps right away every morning, perhaps
                   by regulating yourself in such a way that the work-hours flow naturally as
                   the core activity of your being.
                   At times we all tend toward procrastination and avoidance. It takes
                   character and application to overcome all human weaknesses. Sometimes I
                   think that character has more to do with the artistic life than talent. Itís
                   certainly more important than getting breaks or winning grants.
                   There are many different ways of bringing discipline to our work.
                   Self-knowledge will lead you to the method thatís best for you. Give a little
                   thought to these ideas: You may manage your time in a workmanlike way.
                   You may monitor your productivity by the pieces you produce. You may
                   give yourself joy and pleasure and you may wish to stay in that state. You
                   may measure your satisfactions by the problems you solve.
                   I was watching a man operating a back-hoe in the rain near my home. He
                   was on the job at seven and he worked till four, managing his machine in a
                   surprisingly delicate and creative manner. He was a maestro. Surely, I
                   thought, Iím able to put in that sort of time and delight at my easel. I can do
                   it, and so can you.
                   Best regards,
I want also to recommend still one careful work of Robert Genn -- collected aphorisms about art:
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Copyright © 2001, The Secrets of Perfection

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